Sound nutrition is a powerful way to prevent

disease and feel truly alive.

It's never too early or too late to

make changes that will improve your health.


Using a plant-based, whole-food approach clients

diagnosed with chronic or inflammatory

conditions will rebuild immune function,

energy, health and well-being.


Consider for a moment how one change today can
improve all of your tomorrows!

Chronic disease
Inflammatory illness

Hope and healing begin with a conversation

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Beth Schroeder
Beth SchroederMS, CNS, CHC
As a graduate of the Maryland University of Integrative Health with her master of science degree in nutrition, a Certified Nutrition Specialist® practitioner and a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition with certification in health counseling Beth is passionate about plant-based foods as a healing support for her clients diagnosed with inflammatory illnesses like cancer, heart disease, obesity… …Read More

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Step One

You beat cancer, or any chronic condition by how you live, why you live and what you eat to live. - Beth Schroeder, MS,CNS

Step One
I wanted to thank you once again for all your help, imparting wisdom and support in counseling me with my current state of health. Your wealth of knowledge in nutrition and personal insight has been a tremendous blessing to me and my family. Since working with you I am not only making healthier choices for myself but for them as well and reaping the rewards.
Wendy Gripp
Beth is fun and personable to work with; she has motivated me to prioritize what is healthy for “me” as I choose daily what goes into “my” body… my pantry has a whole new look! The knowledge and encouragement I have received from Beth is immeasurable and I have the peace of knowing I am doing something good for me and for my family!
Your tremendous wisdom is one-of-a-kind, not to mention you are so encouraging to me… through your nutritional assistance I have felt a peace and satiable rest in my body that I haven’t felt for a long time. Learning to cook and eat healthier has helped me to influence my son’s food choices; I have a calmer, more normal child! Thank you
Wendy, Autism Awareness